Marketing Strategies Applicable To Dental Offices

Every dentist knows that marketing a small dental clinic is a challenging feat knowing full well that the industry is already swamped with chain dental companies that can easily swallow small practices whole. But there exists a couple of marketing strategies that really work best among small clinics. In fact, these strategies were once used by large enterprises back when they started out small. According to recent studies, word-of-mouth still tops the list.

Word-of-mouth is an unpaid form of advertising wherein patients vouch for a particular dentist or service belonging to a clinic. When a customer is satisfied with a service (a dental check up, or a new crown, braces, etc.) he will more likely share it to his friends and family. Take it from Dr. Tiana Pham, a dentist in North Richland Hills Texas, who gets most of her new patients through word-of-mouth. And those whom he shared that information with will most likely share it to their friends and family as well. Other doctors and dentists such as Dr. Tiana Pham have conducted studies, showing that about sixty two percent of small practices believe that word-of-mouth referral is by far the most effective in garnering new patients. The report showed other marketing strategies that small businesses are in favor of including email, which is ranked as top 3 by thirty four percent of business owners.

Next is networking, which garnered the favor only twenty five percent of respondents. Social Media comes next followed by engine marketing and then content marketing. The least effective modes of marketing that got very few votes include radio and television advertisements. Knowing and identifying these marketing strategies is extremely important so you won’t be spending money over lucrative marketing tactics that will only yield poor results or worse, lead you to bankruptcy. As entrepreneurs, it is your job to seek out the best possible solutions with as minimal expenses or losses as possible. This blog will help guide small businesses owners what to do to effectively to market their products and services in an industry brimming with competition. With these findings you can now identify the methods that actually work and those that do not.